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Welcome to this delightful corner of my world! Whether serendipity guided you here or a purposeful quest led the way, I'm elated you've stopped by. It's intriguing how certain curiosities or unfulfilled experiences can beckon us forward—a longing for connection, the desire for a tender embrace, or the craving for an endless exchange of dialogue.

As a discreet companion to both men and women in Vancouver, I've been fortunate to forge enriching, enduring bonds in this realm. Alongside these connections, I've pursued my professional aspirations, a journey that has granted me immense fulfillment.

Allow me to paint a glimpse of myself: a sun-kissed brunette adorned with deep, soulful eyes—a free-spirited individual who cherishes meaningful connections. Some days, I embrace the rain as warmly as I welcome the sun. Cultural escapades, leisurely outdoor ventures, and the unspoken joys of life captivate me. Warmth, brightness, and a playful spirit define my essence. In my mid-30's and at 5 feet, 6 inches tall, with an athletic petite build and an alluring hourglass figure, I cherish a balanced lifestyle that indulges in life's subtle luxuries. 

Much like you, my life orbits around a vibrant community of loved ones, a fulfilling career, cherished hobbies, and the responsibilities that ground us. However, I savor a few delightful liberties, this correspondence being one of them! There's an allure in these moments where we can transcend the ordinary and discover a world of shared indulgence and companionship.

I am discerning about the company I keep. My hope is that our values align, sparking mutual inspiration. Relationships that mature and deepen over time are profoundly nourishing to me. As a true companion, my intent is not only to socialize and understand you but also to revel in your joys. I value sincerity and transparency in connections; if your interest is purely recreational without a desire for social engagement, we might not be the best match, and I'd be delighted to recommend someone else.

Environments where conversations transcend mere small talk are where I thrive. I prefer intimate social settings involving one or two individuals. Authentic, heartfelt connections captivate me, and you can expect nothing less when we meet. Our encounter should exemplify genuine intimacy, connecting honestly and intimately within these sacred moments.

You might wonder, who crosses paths with me?

As you've gathered, I seek intellectual and sensual connections. I engage with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. Some seek respite from the responsibilities of adult life, what I affectionately term 'spa time.' Others, widowed perhaps, seek personal engagement without the complexities of dating. Some are driven by a busy lifestyle, curiosity, or the desire for unique experiences. Loneliness can persist even among others; genuine connections in relationships are surprisingly rare. I'm here to embrace humanity and hope you're my kind of soul.

Being seen afresh by another can reveal unseen facets of ourselves. It's a chance to shed the roles we inhabit daily and simply be. Here, you can let your guard down, feel nurtured, and revel in being yourself. Everyone I meet seeks a safe space to open up and feel comfortable in their skin, however that may manifest.

I consider myself a holder of sacred space, echoing the words of Heather Plett: 'It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment and control.'

Before Booking

Before Booking

I am genuinely intrigued by you! Having shared quite a bit about myself, I invite you to email me with a glimpse into your world and why our meeting interests you. Feel free to include your preferred time, location, duration and session type for our potential rendezvous. I'm delighted to host in a beautiful downtown space or join you in your 5-star hotel. Let's kick off our interaction on an engaging and thoughtful note.

For mutual comfort, I do require two references from reputable providers before confirming a booking. In the absence of prior provider engagements, alternative verification methods might be available. Please refrain from using explicit or coded language in your correspondence. Short-notice bookings, especially for new guests, are rarely feasible.

In upholding discretion and maintaining tastefulness, I kindly request that explicit reviews of our time together not be shared. Although our meeting may occur within a certain context, the moments we share are deeply meaningful and exclusive to our connection. While I acknowledge the credibility that online reviews can lend, I have esteemed friends in the industry who vouch for my professionalism and genuine companionship. Your privacy and dignity are paramount to me, and I kindly ask for mutual respect in this regard.

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Hands-On Experiences Redefining Connection


Experience a world of tactile indulgence and intimate connection with my hands-on sensual companion sessions. Through the art of touch, immerse yourself in a realm of heightened sensations, where every caress speaks volumes and every stroke ignites a symphony of pleasure.

In these sessions, I focus solely on the power of tactile intimacy, crafting an experience that transcends words. Through skilled touch and a profound understanding of sensory pleasure, I guide you on an exploration of sensation, where boundaries blur and pure physical connection reigns supreme.

These sessions are similar to a GFE companionate solely exploring touch, kissing and cuddling.  

1 hour    $500

1.5 hours  $600

2 hours $700

Each additional hour $350

Dive into the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Step into a realm of refined sensuality and discreet companionship, where elegance meets intimacy. Discover an oasis of indulgence crafted exclusively for those seeking a sophisticated and genuine connection.  Embark on a rendezvous that transcends the ordinary—a sanctuary where discretion, refinement, and sensual allure converge to create an unforgettable encounter.

If you wish to have my company over a meal or beverage out, I would be pleased to join you.  Please factor in travel time as well at my social fee of $200 per hour.  Public outings are friendly and PDA free in order to avoid potential awkwardness.  

I generally don't entertain travel or overnight dates but these may be considered with long standing friends.  I'm happy to provide you with the details upon enquiry.

1 hour    $500

1.5 hours  $700

2 hours $800

Each additional hour $400


Unveiling the Intimate Dynamics of Trios

I adore the delightful company and allure of both men and women. Should you come to me as a couple, it's important that your desires and boundaries align seamlessly, and that the shared excitement for our date is mutual. Navigating adventures within a relationship can be quite the delightful dance, don't you think?

Now, if the desire is to add a touch of feminine allure to our rendezvous, I have some fabulous friends who complement my tastes impeccably.



"Sorry no intimate details except we both enjoyed her very much, she truly enjoys women which always makes the night great.
Easy to be comfortable with and no need to give any directions and the best smile."

"Megan was just what Bree described. 5'6, fit, alluring, and perfect match for all of us. We headed to the sectional for some drinks. Bree had always talked highly of Megan, so it was wonderful to finally meet up with her together in a duo. Megan was wearing a beautiful blue dress that showed off her sexy form."

"I’ve been together with CJ and Megan twice now. Setting up the meeting was easy through website and email. I made first contact traveling through Vancouver several months ago. CJ handles all the details. She was friendly and inviting. Willing to stay in touch until appt. date. I was hoping for a good time, treating myself to something nice. Never expected to experience what I walked into the first time I was with them. I had such a great time that a few months later I diverted my business travel itinerary through Vancouver to have a second visit. Suffice to say, non-VIP’s, you will not regret finding your way to their door."

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